about me


Hi! My name is Rita and I have been practicing Interior Design since 2003. I am one of the lucky people that discovered what I wanted to do at a young age and succeeded in attaining the dream. It literally started with my cousins and I playing Barbie’s. Our parents did not buy us doll houses; we had to make them. I would collect items from around the house and part of the game was setting up our spaces. I loved it! I made club chairs out sea shells and fridges out of ferror roche boxes and had linens for our beds made of crocheted table cloths. My joyful play turned into a passion for design and the start of successful career.

Upon graduating high school I enrolled at the University of Manitoba Architecture program. It was there that I began my love affair with design theory. I believe that design is necessary and should be accessible. Interior design is not about making a space “pretty”; it’s about a transformation of needs and wants into physical manifestation of those programmatic requirements. I completed my under graduated degree in Environmental Design with a specialization in Interior Environments in 2003. Shortly on, I continued my studies with a Masters in Interior Design. I graduated in 2010. It was during my Masters program that I exercised my point of view of Design.

“Design is about taking an idea and exploring its varying potential; it’s about building relationships through communication. As a designer is it our commitment to quality of service that allows us to listen, then articulate and then develop functional and aesthetic spaces for our clients.” (2005)


Thank you,

Rita Talwar  B.Env.Des., M.I.D.